Notes: Wear suitable gloves. Do not wash your hair.
Important: Do not use a bowl or stirrer made of metal. For commercial use only.

Instructions from the original Wella instruction.

1. Mixing ratios:

Pure Naturals - Rich Naturals - Vibrant Reds - Deep Browns are always mixed 1: 1, e.g. 60ml Koleston Koleston Koleston applicationPerfect ApplicationPerfect + 60ml Welloxon Perfect. Darkness / tone in tone / 1 tone brighter 6% (20 volume) For 2 tones Brightening 9% (30 vol.) For 3 tones Brightening 12% (400 Vol.)

Special Blonde Always mixed 1: 2, e.g. 60ml Koleston Perfect + 120ml Welloxon Perfect For 3 tones Brightening 9% (30 Vol.) For 4-5 tones Brightening 12% (400 Vol.)

Coloring of white hair The addition of a Pur Naturals Nuance is necessary to achieve sufficient opacity. 30-50% White portion +1/3 Pure Naturals Nuance. 50-100% White Balance +1/2 Pure Naturals Nuance. Vibrant Reds are mixed with 2 parts of Vibrant Reds and 1 part of Pure Naturals on hair having a whiteness of more than 50%, e.g. ½ Tube Vibrant Reds + ¼ Tube Pure Naturals
2.Colour darkening / tone in tone

Apply color mixing immediately from neck to tip.
3. Full color with brightening

Step 1: apply color mixing compound to the lengths and tips. Approximately 2cm from the neck.
Step 2: Apply color mixing compound to the batch
TIP: To increase the luminosity in the lengths and tips Welloxon Perfect, select a step higher than at the neck.

Apply the color remedy mixture first to the waxed hair. Start with the application where the gray part is highest. Start with bright coloring where the strongest whitening is required. TIP: Apply a light color to the color mixing compound rather than to the normal color.
5. Length and peak compensation

If necessary, moisten the hair well with water (for Special Blonde with 100ml) and emulsify the color in lengths and tips. Other possibilities for color balancing are Color Fresh tinting liquid and Perfecton clay purging.
6. Pastel coloration

Prerequisite is a uniformly blond hair (½ tone brighter than the desired end result). Use is also possible on non-treated tone deep 9/0 hair and lighter. To obtain beautiful, soft pastel nuances, Wella recommends the Koleston Perfect Nuances 10/1, 10/03, 10/16, 10/3, 10/38, 10/8, 9/03, 9/16, 9/38 and 9.7. These are always mixed 1: 2 with Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%, e.g. 60ml koleston Perfect + 120ml Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%. Apply color mixing immediately from neck to tip. Exposure time without heat up to 15 min. Important: In order to obtain a uniform color result, the hair must be combed through every 5 minutes during the exposure period.
7. Special mix application areas

Intenivation or correction of a nuance. The Koleston Perfect Special Mix nuances are pure color nuances. The brighter the Basiston, the less special mix is ​​added. Exceptions: Thicknesses 11 and 12. The mixing ratio is 1 part of color cream (Koleston Perfect + Special Mix) mixed with 1 part of Welloxon Perfect. (E.g., 30g Koleston Perfect + 2.5g Special Mix + 32.5g Welloxon Perfect). To emphasize individual strands or parts of the hair intensively, Koleston Perfect Special Mix can be used with Welloxon Perfect. For exceptionally brilliant color results, apply the special mix on pre-blond hair. Mixing ratio: 1: 1 for all Special Mix nuances, except 0/43, e.g. 30ml Special Mix + 30ml Welloxon Perfect. 1: 2 for Special Mix 0/43, e.g. 30ml Special Mix + 60ml Welloxon Perfect.
8. After-treatment

After the exposure time has elapsed, emulsify the color cream with a little warm water and rinse thoroughly. Wash with Wella Professional Brilliance Shampoo or SP ColorSave Shampoo. ONLY FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION